Ruroc Launch Game Changing ‘CHAIN’ Application

The team behind the renowned Ruroc range of crash helmets has pushed the boundaries of convention yet again, with the launch of their game changing ‘CHAIN’ communications platform.

Offering riders a seamless and connected experience with unlimited range, CHAIN moves the helmet communications game on, and then some, thanks to its VOIP technology that has no limit to the number of riders or distance between them.

Dan Rees, Co-Founder and CEO of Ruroc commented, “This is a significant step forward for rider communication innovation. CHAIN was born during the development process of our own in-helmet communication device, Shockwave, due to the range-limiting challenges faced when using a carbon fiber helmet shell. 

“With CHAIN, range is no longer an issue. The VOIP element works wherever a rider has a mobile or cell signal – the same as Skype and Whatsapp – allowing not only for unlimited and uninterrupted range, but for as many riders to connect as required, and regardless of what communication device they have chosen to mount to their helmet.”

CHAIN is as simple and seamless as it gets thanks to an easy and quick login and just five simple steps between the login screen and being on a group ride call. There’s also the ability for as many riders to drop in and out as they wish, as well as not having the connection issues often faced when using conventional systems that either require a line-of-site connection or suffer with performance issues caused by natural or building obstructions.

And on top of the communication functionality, the development of CHAIN will be defined by the user and rider community going forwards, with feedback considered for future updates that will see greater functionality.

With the technology provided by CHAIN, the only cost to the user is their own mobile phone data costs, as CHAIN is completely free to download. 


Download on the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) today.


Interested media should contact for more information or call Ruroc’s press office on 01525 270100.

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